Firm Ethos / Many clients have not worked with an architect before and are unsure of what to expect.  RBF CoLab doesn't simply 'plan' buildings. Plans and blueprints are the result of our work. What we do is investigate, guide, analyze, suggest, give options, and ultimately solve your unique design problem.  

We place emphasis on including the client as part of the process. Through our broad experience, the best and most impactful projects are realized when there is close collaboration and an open line of communication throughout the entire process.

Our clients are design-savvy with a deep appreciation of craftsmanship and quality and are looking for sophisticated, yet comfortable spaces. Achieving this level of quality requires a conscious emphasis on the initial design.

The quality of your project and your experience begins with the architect spending a lot of time discussing your project with you, starting with some brief descriptions on what to expect during the long and sometimes unfamiliar process of design.  This begins with programming your needs, creating a schematic design, creating final construction documents, and continues through the various stages of permitting, construction, and occupancy.  The architect is involved in all of these steps, not just the design, and therefore, it is vital that the architect/client relationship be a strong one.

To help prepare you for your big project, take some time to review our complimentary overview What You Should Know About The Design Process. This is just one of the resources RBF CoLab provides while preparing you to get the most from our relationship and your project.